Musicals are not just for the ladies anymore.  More and more men are catching on to the fact that Musicals are brilliant and not just for there wives, mothers and girlfriends.  The ancient Greeks can be credited with the first musicals that can be documented.  These ancient Greek musicals were performed as early as the 5th Century B.C.  Many of the 3rd Century B.C. performances by the Roman Empire contained singing and dancing.  By the 1700s it seems musicals as we are familiar with today were part of the regular social scene and by the early 1800s, musical comedy as we know it today was alive and well in America.


In recent years, familiarity has been embraced by producers anxious to guarantee that they recoup their considerable investments, if not show a healthy profit. The reuse of plots has been considered by some critics to be a redefinition of Broadway: rather than a creative outlet, it has become a tourist attraction.  The musical is being pulled in a number of different directions. Gone are the days when a sole producer will back a production. Corporate sponsors dominate Broadway, and often alliances are formed to stage musicals which require an investment of $10 million or more. Typically, off-Broadway and regional theatres tend to produce smaller and therefore less expensive musicals, and development of new musicals has increasingly taken place outside of New York and London or in smaller venues.

It also appears that the spectacle format is on the rise again, returning to the times when Romans would have mock sea battles on stage.  Disney and other animated musicals and more adult animated musical films paved the way for the revival of the movie musical. In addition, India is producing numerous “Bollywood” film musicals, and Japan is producing “Anime” film musicals. Occasionally, “made for TV” movies are made in musical format.

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